Trailblazers Father-Son Club

The Trailblazers Father-Son Club is open to fathers and their sons in 1st through 5th grades.  The goal of Trailblazers is to help fathers raise their sons as men of character. Through regular meetings, Trailblazers provides a forum to teach boys the virtues and how to live them habitually in their daily lives.  Boys learn to respect others, to be patient, to start and finish tasks, and to be generous with those in need.  In addition, Trailblazers fosters conversations between fathers and sons about deeper topics, including the virtues and how specifically the boys can grow in them. The club also presents opportunities for fathers and sons to spend time together in fun, competitive activities. 


 There is a wide variety of activities, including…


1) rocket building and launching

2) pinewood derby car construction and racing

3) sports contests

4) camping prep and outing

5) service-oriented activities at Christmastime


Who can attend?

Fathers and their 1st - 5th grade sons.


Dates and Times

Sundays, 2-4pm, on the following dates:

September 15
October 20
November 17
December 15
January 19
February 16
March 15
April 19


Wespine Study Center, 100 East Essex Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122

For more information

For more information, email Tom Herman at



 2:00-2:10pm   Talk on some aspect of character (for the boys with fathers attending)

 2:10-2:40pm   Activity (for the boys)
                           Talk on virtues (for the fathers)

 2:40-3:40pm   Competitive Activity (fathers and sons together)

 3:40-3:45pm   Optional talk in chapel (fathers and sons together)

 3:45-4:00pm   Snack (fathers and sons together)